What’s the deal with Beechwood’s Neighborhood Associations?

Beechwood is located in Waterloo and enjoys a home association model where there is an outdoor pool and tennis courts for roughly every 200 homes. Every association is different. Some require an opt-in membership, where you pay annually to be part of it. Some associations have built their membership into the property tax fee with the City of Waterloo, so you never even have to think about it!


People may think that home associations are only for people with kids, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. While kids do enjoy that aspect of the neighborhood, there are often special programs and events for seniors, young professionals, students and newcomers. Find a home association that has what you’re interested in. There are often ways to get involved too, either as a paid lifeguard or tennis instructor, or as a volunteer for the Board of Directors. Home associations in Waterloo provide a unique sense of community and lifestyle. The Waterloo associations are:


  • Beechwood/Bridlegate Homeowners' Association
  • Beechwood North Association
  • Beechwood Park Homeowners' Association
  • Beechwood South Association
  • Beechwood II Homes Association
  • Beechwood West I Homes Association
  • Beechwood West II Homes Association
  • Craigleith Homeowners' Association
  • Laurelwood Neighbourhood Association
  • Upper Beechwood Phase 1 Association
  • Upper Beechwood Phase II Association


Home associations aren’t only in Beechwood. Almost every neighborhood has a home association with a website or Facebook page to find out more information. 

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Al Shousterman
December 13, 2017
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