Getting Caffeinated: Coffee in Kitchener Waterloo

There are many places to go for coffee in Waterloo Region. We’ve compiled a few of our recent favorites, but please let us know what others to add to the list!


Balzacs – With locations in Waterloo, Kitchener, Guelph and Stratford you are sure to come across a Balzacs while in the Region. Balzacs is known for the unique environment and excellent roasts and strive to be artisanal, sustainable, local and natural.


Smile Tiger – Smile Tiger roasts their own beans and will host a cupping/tasting event for you to learn everything about coffee. They have a stunning harvest table that seats up to 13 people, making for a fun (and educational) coffee date.


DVLB – Death Valley’s Little Brother is in Uptown Waterloo and not only offers artisanal coffee, but has an extensive collection of whisky and freshly baked goods, including Cornish pasties Scottish pies. Treat your palette to some of the finer things, this is a coffee (or whisky) experience not to be missed.


Baden Coffee Company – Take a drive out of the city to enjoy this hidden gem. A small café with patio is a wonderful place to get away for a coffee. Peek in the windows to see how the coffee is roasted, and enjoy one of the special blends created with local places in mind, such as the castle reserve (for Castle Kilbride).


Monigram Coffee Roasters – Another reason to visit Galt! This place is community hub of activity, housed in a beautiful historic building and with a ballet studio on the top level.  

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Al Shousterman
December 13, 2017
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