Property taxes – why they’re not all that bad

When looking for a new home, property taxes may figure into your budget. In general, taxes in Kitchener seem to be less than Waterloo, but what does that money get put towards?


Fire, police services, paramedics – basically anyone who will help you in an emergency. This is super important. 


Roads and transportation – maintaining existing roads, building new ones and clearing all of the snow in the winter.


Public Transit – Waterloo Region is working hard to make it easier to take public transit. With the LRT being built and new structures coming into place, take advantage of leaving your car at home.


Libraries – Waterloo Region has some fantastic libraries with not only a huge section of books, but programs for all ages and interests. Our libraries have started to become more of a community hub and less of a dusty quiet place. Visit a local library for a yoga class, scrabble night or ballroom dancing.


Arts and culture – Tax dollars go to support local museums and art galleries, keeping their admission costs low or free.


Parks and greenspaces - visit any local greenspace and you’ll see how well kept they are. Some of our favorites are the Walter Bean Trail, the Iron Horse Trail and the Kissing Bridge Trail. Some lesser known trails worth checking out are the Mill Race Trail and Snyders Flats, both just outside of the city.


Waste Management – this is so much more than just picking up garbage from your curb. Waterloo Region is one of the most innovation areas when it comes to waste management. The blue bin was actually invented here!


While property taxes can be a drag, they help our Region flourish and be a great place to live, work and play. 

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Al Shousterman
December 13, 2017
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