Local Haunts

Waterloo Region has a great history with many fascinating stories. Here are a few local spots that claim to be haunted, although this author hasn’t seen any ghosts yet!


Kitchener – Homer Watson House and Gallery


This house was once home to the famous painter, Homer Watson and his dear sister Pheobe, who was also an artist. She is a friendly ghost, and the story most often told is that she likes to appear when students are working on their art. She has also been known to appear in the upstairs part of the house where many staff have seen her. Staff have reported not being able to find something  or stuck in an area of research and the answer appears out of nowhere. Lights also go on after dark, especially in the upstairs room that was Phoebe’s. Beyond Pheobe’s presence, Homer Watson and his friend William Lyon Mackenzie King use to hold séances. There have multiple sighting of a man, who when approached, has said he is there to help people through to the other side, making spiritual experts believe that the house and gardens are a portal to the realm of ghosts. 


Cambridge – Galt Collegiate institute


Galt is a beautiful and historic town, with many ghost sightings. One of the most notable is the Galt Collegiate Institute. William Tassie, the school’s headmaster from 1853-1881 has a reported presence in the school. The smell of tobacco from a pipe is often experienced as he was known to wander the halls while alive, always with a pipe in his mouth. After hours the voices of young men can be heard, thought to be the long dead former students that may be died during the First World War. 

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Al Shousterman
December 13, 2017
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