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Waterloo Region is made up of many distinct neighbourhoods, each with their own personality, character and flair. With the Region being made up of three cities – Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge – there is a perfect home for every style and budget.

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Adventures is Community Building: How to Build a Playground - Nov 15, 2017

Every neighborhood is built around people that see a problem or gap and wonder “how can I fix this/make it better?” This was the case in the Clair Lake Beechwood neighborhood.


Blue bin, green bin, every other week bin - Nov 8, 2017

In March 2017 the Region of Waterloo made some important changes to how waste would be managed. For several months before the community was consulted in many areas such as recycling, garbage pickup, leaf pick up and yard waste.


Property taxes – why they’re not all that bad - Nov 1, 2017

When looking for a new home, property taxes may figure into your budget. In general, taxes in Kitchener seem to be less than Waterloo, but what does that money get put towards?


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What People Say About Us



“Al was so awesome! I couldn’t have sold my home without him.

- Shelly from Kitchener, ON

“We found our forever
home - thank you!”


- Bob from Cambridge, ON

“Al and Arlene are so friendly and knowledgeable. Having both agents work with us was invaluable.”


- Sandra from Waterloo, ON